A new, old face in fm-eSports TOXiC


After our most successful outing in Paris to date it’s with regret that today we announce that one of fm-eSports TOXiC have decided to step down from the team to focus on other things. This left us with a hole to plug and luckily,  we found the perfect candidate!

Returning to the team is no other than  Søren “socN” Falk who will be replacing the departing James “PEZ” Perrott. This is obviously quite a set back after the eSports World Cup earlier in the month where the team finished 5th-8th however socN has played with us before and knows what is expected from him so we’re hugely confident that the guys will take in their stride! We all know what socN is capable of, being voted MVP at the ESH Birmingham event earlier in the year and putting in a multitude of stellar LAN/online performances for the team so we’re excited to welcome him back to the team.

Just one of Søren’s many fans lurking in the background.

Søren wanted to chime in on his return to fm-eSports:

Hello everyone!

Today I find myself back in a CS:GO team after parting ways with Eternity a few months ago. I will be teaming up once again with fm-eSports who I played for back at MadCatz in Birmingham and I am not afraid to admit it was a big mistake to leave the team back then. Neil is one of my best friends in CS and its a great pleasure play with him again. I have never played with som, vertiGo or weber before but after the last couple of days they seem like a great bunch of guys. would also like to thank Yakkkkk for all of his hard work in FM along with our sponsors Sapphire, Razer, AMD, Multiplay and Twitch who make it possible for us to attend events!


We’re all happy to have Søren back with us and we wish PEZ the best of luck with whatever he chooses to do next. The next time you’ll be able to see the guys in action will be the Dreamhack Winter 2013 online qualifier and then either Dreamhack Winter 2013 itself, or Insomnia50 in Telford! Further updates on games and plans can be followed on our Facebook and Twitter pages.