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Win 1 of 3 copies of Grand Theft Auto V!

It’s the game that everyone’s been waiting for on the PC, Grand Theft Auto V! Most of us have got it pre-ordered already here at FM but if you haven’t and want to be in with a

Win a copy of CoD: Advanced Warfare

Ah yes, Call of Duty. The game that bore the brunt of the Counter Strike community’s hatred for years and years. “Public noobs.. Casual scum!” they’d shout down the mic at you with the slightest mention of

The Lone Rangers find a home

It’s time to announce the new Counter Strike: Global Offensive here at fm-eSports and it feels weird not writing a certain few names or starting this with “Well, well, well..” but today we’re happy to announce that the

fm-eSports invited to MCM London 2014

Fresh off of a Insomnia52 win, the fm-eSports League of Legends team are back in action after being invited to next month’s MCM London League of Legends tournament! Being held yet again at the Excel Centre in

fm-eSports at Gfinity 3

Gfinity 3 (in terms of prize money) is the biggest CS:GO event the U.K. has ever seen. The great and good from across the globe will be in London for the event being held at the Copperbox
15 Jul 2014 written by Lisa Lenz in Team News,

Female CS:GO Team Revamped

We’ve always stuck by our friends in the female CS:GO scene and some of the long serving members within fm-eSports are back with their new look line-up after Copenhagen Games earlier this year! The in-game leader, “Emma.” has put together a post to introduce the gang!

Hello again!

It wasn’t long ago that I wrote about the Team of fm-eSports Ladies but unfortunately just before we started Copenhagen Games we knew that something wasn’t right. Our good friend, Kaat is coming back after a little break due to having a baby =) (So fm! gets more and more members, little ones, big ones… So be careful, we will teach young players to become great talents when they are old enough to play officials ;-) )

Lena's FM Shirt!

Better youth system than the German football team..

To the serious stuff though! 3 of the original girls are back on the team; TueuSe, Kaat and myself and the aim of our team is to be a stable line up (isn’t everyone’s?) Now it was the time to find the right girls which has the same aim when being a team. We needed a lot of time to do it, I think we searched for around 1.5 to 2 months as we are very picky about our girls!

To bring in some new blood, we are now very happy to welcome Ivy & Amy in our new Team and we feel very comfortable and confident with the new girls. Ivy has a lot of experience and will bring it and fit perfectly in our team. Amy is a young new talent we found after playing a few mixes and together I think we can go forward and improve on the performance we had at ESWC 2013. Now we have more time to prepare for the upcoming events we’re looking forward to seeing what we can do! To give us a kickstart, our first bootcamp will be taking place this weekend at Kaat´s house. (Sorry, Luc..)

With this lineup I can honestly say that I feel we have the best team spirit we’ve ever had. Its also especially nice to work with the two new girls as they listen and bring new ideas to the table in-game. fm-eSports Ladies will for sure be the more prepared than we’ve ever been for the upcoming events.

On behalf of myself and the team I’d like to say thank you to the whole fm-eSports Crew for the fast support all the time. All the Sponsors of fm-eSports (Sapphire, Razer, AMD, Multiplay & Twitch) that support us and help us attend all the events. Last but not least, on a personal note I want to say thanks to Sam `RattlesnK` Gawn. He showed me a lot while playing and was very patient while discussing with me :P

The full lineup is:
DE Lisa ‘Emma.’ Lenz
BE Kaat ‘Kaat’ Vanhulle
FR Mounia ‘TueuSe’ Kolla
DE Denise ‘ivy’ Hofmeister
UK Laura ‘Amy.’ Deredec


The bootcamp this weekend will be streamed by Kaat so please make sure you follow her Twitch page at www.twitch.tv/kaat4go to know when we go live. We’ll be bringing back the live cat webcam that was popular with our last bootcamp!

If you want to stay up to date with our team, don’t hesitate to like us on Facebook or follow our streams on Twitch =)

Let’s go play some games!

Best regards

Win CS:GO & Razer Prizes!
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