WCA WCC: Day 3 Preview

Day 3 at the World Cyber Arena: Wolrd Contest Championship between China, Russia and the UK is a few hours away from kicking off here in Beijing so it's time to give a little preview on what's going on today, the UK's 2nd game day.

Yesterday was our 1st day off in the city so a group of players from FM, Endpoint and CAZ decided to head into the city, see some of the sights and try some of the food. On the flip side, it turns out that we ended up being one of the sights as we must have had around 50 photos taken of us as we were walking around. We were a little freaked out and started having fun with it by just staring back but we soon realised that a lot of the people taking photos or staring were older people that most likely came from rural areas so likely hadn't seen foreigners before. Pretty unfortunate that we're the 1st they saw but such is life..

Neil in Tiananmen Square

On to the game day and today we play against Russia (the same goes for tomorrow) which will be a must win day. To get the all important point, we need to get 3 map wins today out of the 5 (essentially, to win the BO5 today) so we move ahead of Russia. All 3 teams here from the UK are confident that we can take down the Russians, it's just going to depend on who shows up on the day and who can keep cool under pressure. The maps and match ups are yet to be decided and will be done so on the WCA live stream around 6AM BST.

As it stands, China have 2 points, Russia have 0 and we have 0 so the next 2 days against Russia are going to be extremely important to decide who goes into the Grand Final on Wednesday. Time to shine, UK!

You can watch the action live on the official WCA live stream in Chinese, or you can watch the English stream, lovingly provided by Gfinity and James Banks at

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