WCA WCC: 1st Day Recap

After thousands of miles of travel from 4 different countries across to China, FMESPORTS CS:GO are finally in China and ready to battle the Russians and the Chinese at the WCA WCA CN vs RU vs UK CS:GO tournament being held in Beijing.

It was always going to be an interesting event as the format itself is something we've not really seen before. 5 Best of 1 series per day with all maps being drawn randomly and the teams choosing who will play from each nation solely based on those maps. Once the maps had been drawn for the opening day of China vs United Kingdom, we had the following:

VG.CyberZen vs FMESPORTS - de_dust2 (16-10)
VG.CyberZen vs Endpoint - de_train (16-0)
TyLoo vs CAZ - de_cache - (16-4)
TyLoo vs FMESPORTS - de_cobblestone (19-17)
NEW4 vs Endpoint - de_mirage - (16-6)

Unfortunately the UK went 0-5 on the first day against the home favourites but these are some of the best teams in the world and we still managed to pick up some respectable scorelines! The next games will be United Kingdom vs Russia on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of October and will be streamed live by Gfinity TV from 06:00BST/07:00CEST so make sure you get up early, grab some cereal (or egg fried rice and udon noodles as seems to be the thing at our hotel's breakfast) and plant yourself in front of your monitor to catch the rest of the UK CS action.

We'll continue to keep our social media pages updated where possible (limited internet access at the venue makes it a little difficult at times!) and from tomorrow we'll begin filling the gallery page here on the website so you can see all of what's going on here in Beijing.

It's a day off for us today so we're off to do some sight seeing, 再见!

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