CS:GO Fresh Faces UK

Some fresh faces to UK CS:GO!

It's been a quiet couple of months since the departure of our last CS:GO line-up and we've been waiting on the sidelines to see what opportunities present themselves to us in the form of local talent. Luckily it didn't take long for some of our old friends to put together a team that combined a mix of the tried and tested and the new guys eager to make their mark in the UK CS scene. It's something that we're more than happy to see as the younger players are going to be the future of UK CS and when guided by some of the biggest and most established names in the scene, they can't go far wrong!

George "hudzG" Hoskins said:

A few weeks ago Neil contacted me about the possibility of playing competitively again and whilst initially I was against it, I decided to play some FACEIT pugs with the guys to see if I had the same passion for CS as I did before. After a few days of playing I realised that the hunger was still there so we looked towards the Multiplay UK Masters as a line-up and managed to qualify with relative ease. After a chat as a team, we realised we all had similar and realistic goals going forward. With a mix of new and old talent, we'll be looking towards the upcoming Insomnia Gaming Festival and any other online/offline events that are feasible for us as a team. It's great that we can do this as a UK team under a UK organisation like FM and we appreciate the trust Darren, Bret and their sponsors have put in us.

The completed fm-eSports CS:GO roster is:

Neil "nEiLZiNHo" Finlay
George "hudzG" Hoskins
Som "s0m" Hadow
Tramaine "stan1ey" Stanley
Aaron "fre1" Frei
Phil "Whindanski" Nicholas (Coach/Substitute)

In the next few days we'll be bringing you an interview with fre1 and stan1ey to shed some light on where they've come from, their previous experience with CS and why the old-guard have chosen to play with them so stay tuned to the site, our Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don't miss it as I'm sure that the large majority of you reading this will be thinking who?!

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