Great Wall of China

FM at WCA WCC 2016 Movie Released!

The dust has settled (unlike the smog) on the World Cyber Arena World Country Championships that were held in Beijing in October of this year and in the aftermath, we were looking to do something to commemorate our first event on Asian soil!

With the help of CS:GO frag movie and video editor, Nathan Tobin TobinFollow Tobin on Twitter, we've put together a seven and a half minute clip of our frags against TyLoo, Quantum Bellator and 5FRAGS (we won't talk about that VG.CyberZen game..). It's a great little highlight reel of what UK CS (EleGiggle) can do, and coming off the back of a UK Masters and Insomnia59 win, hopefully our boys will get more chances to show off what the UK scene has to offer in 2017.

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