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FM Revisit the Female CS:GO Scene

ESWC and Copenhagen Games are two of the greatest events we've had the pleasure of competing in in the last few years and they have a little more in common than simply being highlights of the gaming calendar. Both events have poroven to be prominent advocates of the female CS:GO scene and whilst it's been a while since we last dipped our toes in that water, we needed some oestrogen to balance out the sheer amount of testosterone that nEiLZiNHo provides on a daily basis.

Kaat is a player that knows her way around the female CS:GO scene like few others and as a previous FM player, we entertained the idea of diving back in! After a chat with the lineup about their ideas and goals moving forward, we think we've found a great bunch of ladies to work with and look forward to what the future will bring within FMESPORTS.

The new FMESPORTS CS:GO (Female) team are:

Fanny "Fanny" Hermansson
Sarah "Sasri" Woldrich
Kaat "Kaat" Vanhulle
Marie "Bebimousse" Binet
Jenny "Starbuck" Hartting

Lena "2cuTe" Vanhulle

The ladies will be competing in upcoming online events, coverage of which will be provided over on our social media pages. We'll also be posting when a few of the players are live on Twitch.tv so make sure you're following FMESPORTS on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date!

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