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FMESPORTS partner with Chillblast!

It's with great pleasure that today, we announce a new sponsor in the fm-eSports ranks!
One of the most annoying things for players is to be dragging their PCs up and down the country (and beyond) to events that require you to bring your own computer and monitor. Not everyone drives which complicates things even further (I mean, have you ever tried taking a big PC, monitor and everything you need for a weekend away on public transport?!) so if there was a way to simply turn up at the event and have a PC set up and ready to go for you, you'd take it, right? Yeah, you would.. That's where our new friends come in!


Chillblast are a name that everyone that's attended an Insomnia Gaming Festival event should be familiar with. Having exhibited and worked with Multiplay on the event for many years, everyone knows the name! Chillblast are partnering up with us here at fm-eSports to provide our players with the perfect platform to compete at upcoming LAN events. With top of the range gaming PCs and 144Hz gaming monitors, the guys will be able to turn up to the events, plug their peripherals in and then be ready to go! This is something you as an Insomnia Gaming Festival BYOC visitor can experience yourself too with their Rental PC offerings which allow you to rent a PC and monitor for the event, with the option of being able to buy it an awesome, show-discounted price at the end of it.

fm-eSports owner, Darren "Yakkkkkk" Ball had this to say on our new friends:

We're extremely happy to be partnering with Chillblast from Insomnia57 (and beyond) and look forward to using their multiple award-winning PCs at future BYOC events. All of our players are looking forward to being able to simply turn up and play on high end machines and not have to worry about anything but playing!

Chillblast also wanted to add:

The Chillblast Team is very excited to be working with FM Esports - one of the UK’s leading Esports teams. Chillblast is investing heavily in the UK gaming scene right now and its great to be able to finally announce our first proper team sponsorship.
As you can tell, we're excited about this new partnership and can't wait to show you all of the awesome things we get up to at future events and online with the Chillblast guys and gals. Your first opportunity to see their machines in action will be at Insomnia Gaming Festival's #i57 this weekend. Come over and take a look or head to their stand in the exhibition hall if you can tear yourself away from your PC in between games of Rocket League and CS:GO!

You can follow Chillblast on social media on: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram or read more about the company as a whole on their About Us page.

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