Copenhagen Game 2017

Copenhagen Games 2017 Round-Up

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The dust has settled on an action packed bank holiday weekend and now everyone's home, it's time to recap what happened at opposite ends of Europe over the Easter holiday!

First up we had our female CS:GO team (FMESPORTS Ruby) in attendance at Copenhagen Games where they were drawn against Team Expert, Crew eSport and Exotic Gaming in the group stages. After an interesting set up period, rife with delays and seating/PC changes, we finally got our group stage underway.

Team Expert 16 - 1 FMESPORTS Ruby | Round 1
de_overpass: After 4 hours of delays and being asked to switch PCs and set up again, our first game against Team Expert was underway. Losing the knife round put us on the less favourable T side of de_overpass and Expert certainly had their game plan set out. The potential first game jitters, and their out and out aggression across the entire map meant that there was very little we could do to settle and play our own game. Sadly our 1st buy round win was quickly cancelled out and that was to be all the girls could muster in our 1st group game, falling 16-1 to the experienced Germans.

Crew eSport 0 - 16 FMESPORTS Ruby | Elimination Game
de_fault: We're not entirely sure what happened to the Turks of Crew eSport but after our game against Team Expert we were informed that they had not turned up to the event which meant that everything was riding on our final game of the groups against Exotic Gaming.

Exotic Gaming 2 - 1 FMESPORTS Ruby | Qualification Game
de_nuke | 16 - 9: An interesting veto process meant that we were to fighting for CPH survival on de_nuke, de_train and de_mirage. First up was nuke where after an early pistol round win for the Norwegians, an eco round going in our favour meant that the momentum swung and the constant outside aggression landed us 9 rounds going into the CT side. Outside was to be the focus again where Starbuck and Fanny kept Exotic guessing with their constantly evolving positioning. Couple that with the upper hold from Sasri and Kaat, the game was quickly closed out 16-9 in map 1.

de_train | 7 - 16: Now, we may be letting people into a little secret here but despite the comments about this map on Twitter when the veto came out and in our pre-event write up, de_train was actually our permaban map for the event so a mishap with the veto process (who knew it was ban, ban, pick, pick?!) meant that Exotic picked de_train.. Which in turn, meant our first game on de_train as a team was in a crucial LAN survival game. With that said, it freed everyone up to play a "PUG" style game and with 2 AWPers on the team, the opportunities were there. Unfortunately though, it wasn't enough and it was to go down to de_mirage as the decider.

de_mirage | 8 - 16: Tournament survival was riding on the 3rd and final map and whilst de_train didn't go our way, the girls were still in high spirits. A pistol round win and a converted anti-eco put us in good stead however 2 rounds in a row were the most we were going to be able to string together throughout our CT side and the constant resetting of the money meant a difficult 7 - 8 loss going into the 2nd half (despite the best efforts of Starbuck and her no-scopes across sites and smokes..). Moving onto the T side a close pistol round loss meant that momentum carried on with Exotic and the solitary T round wasn't enough in the end as Exotic closed out the game 16-8 and the series 2-1.

We should give a special MVP shout out to rozey who racked up 57 kills across the BO3, with some impressive pistol play across all 3 maps!

Unfortunately this meant that that was the end of the line for our girls in Copenhagen and the rest of the weekend was spent taking in the various sights and pizza establishments of varying qualities. As it was the first LAN event for 3 of the girls, a lot of experience was gained throughout the weekend in terms of both how events are run and the actual playing side of things. For now, it's back to online qualifiers and events until the next LAN event pops up. We'll see you there!

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