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ALL Want to be an admin on FM servers? Look here first!
So you’ve been playing on our servers for a while and you’ve decided you want to step it up and become an admin? That’s cool! Though we don’t just let everyone and anyone in (yes, I know we let Yakkkkkk in but technically he’s the owner so we had no choice in the matter..) so there are a few guidelines and rules that we want you to know about before you send across your application.

Quote:– You must not have had any bans or been causing issues (though we’ll review it, if it was something minor, we might forgive you)
– We look favourably on users that are active members of the community so if you’re active on our forums here, even better!
– You must read and understand all of our server rules in order to avoid misunderstandings.
– You must be familiar with the game and with its game-mode(s).
– Being friendly and familiar with the community will increase the odds of being accepted.

If you’ve managed to get through most of those without thinking “damn, I’m a bad person that can’t do this” then awesome, you’re already on your way.. If you saw a couple of them and thought “Hmm, I’ve made some mistakes in the past, I wonder if they’ll ever forgive me?” then feel free to send in your application too, though we’re pretty thorough and will do some checks (we have nearly 30 servers to keep control of, we have to!) to make sure you’ve not gone on any abusive rampages elsewhere!

Made it this far without getting bored/scared? Sweet, copy the below application and fill out the answers for us in a new post in the "Admin Applications" section of the forum. Do note that we ask all users applying for admin to make 2 posts/threads on our forums before we allow an admin application. This ensures that all users applying understand that we want our users to be active and friendly on our forums as well as weeding out people that may not be 100% serious about it. You will not be able to post an admin application until you have these 2 posts so get creative and get involved! Use these 2 posts as your opportunity to show off what you can bring to the community, get involved with existing threads! We may remove SPAM-like posts so be warned.

Quote:- What game are you applying to be an admin for?:
- Are you applying to be an admin on a specific server? If yes, which one?:
- Name:
- Email Address (you can just fill this out on your profile and say "On Profile" if you'd rather not post your address publicly):
- How old are you?:
- Where are you from?:
- Steam Profile URL:
- Do you have any previous server admin experience?:
- Are you familiar with any SourceMod (or similar) plugins? If yes, which?:
- Do you understand and agree with all of our server rules?
- Why do you think you would be a good fit for the FM community?:
- Have you seen anything on our servers that you feel required an admin? If so, what was it and what do you believe would be an appropriate admin response?
- Is there anything else you'd like to add that's not covered above?:
- Did you actually read all of the "Want to be an admin..." post you copied this from or did you just blindly copy/paste? If you didn't, you're going to have a bad time.

We look forward to reading your applications, good luck!
This post has been updated to reflect the new method of applying to be an admin. The old form will no longer function so please copy and paste the above into a thread on the Admin Applications section (once you've made your 2 posts) and we'll review it. We have some cool stuff planned for admins and some nice tools to make it easier for you, but do be warned that it's not all just playing on the server and kicking/banning people for getting a bit lairy. There's some real work involved so do take that into consideration before applying!

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