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Win 1 of 3 copies of Grand Theft Auto V!

It’s the game that everyone’s been waiting for on the PC, Grand Theft Auto V! Most of us have got it pre-ordered already here at FM but if you haven’t and want to be in with a

Win a copy of CoD: Advanced Warfare

Ah yes, Call of Duty. The game that bore the brunt of the Counter Strike community’s hatred for years and years. “Public noobs.. Casual scum!” they’d shout down the mic at you with the slightest mention of

The Lone Rangers find a home

It’s time to announce the new Counter Strike: Global Offensive here at fm-eSports and it feels weird not writing a certain few names or starting this with “Well, well, well..” but today we’re happy to announce that the

fm-eSports invited to MCM London 2014

Fresh off of a Insomnia52 win, the fm-eSports League of Legends team are back in action after being invited to next month’s MCM London League of Legends tournament! Being held yet again at the Excel Centre in

fm-eSports at Gfinity 3

Gfinity 3 (in terms of prize money) is the biggest CS:GO event the U.K. has ever seen. The great and good from across the globe will be in London for the event being held at the Copperbox
15 Nov 2013 written by admin in fm-eSports News,

A look back at ESWC

Before we ramp up the coverage ahead of upcoming LAN events for us here at fm-eSports (Multiplay’s iSeries and potentially Dreamhack Winter 2013!) we thought we’d throw together a little recap of what happened at the eSports World Cup at the beginning of the month where we had 3 teams representing the UK!

ESWC wasn’t a new event for us here within fm-eSports, in fact it’s the 3rd year in a row that our male Counter-Strike team found themselves representing the United Kingdom and we all knew what would be involved (France, French people and KeNoB). Joining us this year though were 2 of our other teams, recent Insomnia49 winners, fm Shootmania and our female Counter Strike: Global Offensive squad, both of which had set high bars for themselves and were gunning for top spots.

To start it all off, everybody arrived on the Wednesday before the event was we knew we had to up bright and early on Thursday morning to begin the group stages for male CS:GO and Shootmania. This was the evening that we discovered the French love putting eggs on their pizzas.

If it doesn’t end in d’oeuf, it’s not worth..

7:30AM was the agreed time for me, Yakkkkkk, fm Shootmania and fm TOXiC to meet in the hotel lobby (which was staffed by a rather grumpy old guy) and head towards the venue which once again was the impressive Porte de Versailles Expo Centre. On the way people thought it’d be a good idea to pick up some breakfast from a patisserie, cue Yakkkkkk and his best French after storming in and proclaiming “QUATRO CWASSONT PLEASE”.. Luckily the poor girl knew what he was trying to say and everyone got what they wanted and eventually got to the venue and checked in. This was the first ESWC for me and I was amazed at how big the place was, luckily arriving early meant we missed most of the queues and we managed to get straight in and began preparing for our first games against  ENCE Gaming (CS:GO) and Mousesports (Shootmania). Both were to be tough games, as they were both the 2nd seed within the group and we were 3rd so we knew that from the get-go, we needed to make sure these games count if we were to make it out of the groups and progress to the elimination stage. With comfortable victories in both games (16-9 in CS:GO and 2-1 in Shootmania), both teams took the upper hand in progressing, it was just a matter of securing the all important 2nd victory!


Next up, both teams had the number 1 seeds from their groups (and the winners of last years tournaments), for CS:GO it was Ninjas in Pyjamas and for Shootmania, Colwyn. Unfortunately in CS:GO we took a heavy defeat 16-5 but on the Shootmania side of things we stormed to a victory and took down last years tournament winners! This put our guys in prime position for taking the top spot in the group, giving you (in theory..) the easier game in the first round of eliminations. The final games in the group were mixed, fm TOXiC (CS:GO) took down the Norwegians of AGENT but the Shootmania guys struggled against the unknown entity of Alpha Mantis from the United States. This meant that CS:GO finished 2nd in their group and (after much deliberation between the admins) Shootmania finished 1st.

Later on in the day it was the turn of our female CS:GO team. They’d been dealt the group of death by the tournament Gods and had to face Druidz (with ex-fm member, CeLeN), ALTERNATE and blackWidow. From the very first game the girls showed promise, taking a lead against Druidz and going tit for tat, round for round until unfortunately they were edged out at the final hurdle and lost 16-14. Up next were the Germans of Team ALTERNATE, last years finalists and off of the back of the Druidz game, confidence was high. Things were going well and again, the girls had found themselves in the lead against one of the tournament favourites but after some “PC lag” the game was paused which didn’t work out well for us as it looked to kill the momentum that we’d worked hard to build up! Once the game was back underway, ALTERNATE managed to close out the game and deal the 2nd defeat of the group stage and almost certainly deny any chance of progressing to the knockout stage. The final game of the group stage was against the Spanish side, blackWidow who had thus far lost both of their games at the event (like us) so the game was to decide who would take home the wooden spoon. The veto was handled and the game would be played out on de_cache which proved to be a good choice for us as we took the final game of the group stage and with it, 3rd place in the group!


It all came down to the Saturday in Paris and fittingly, both teams were drawn against French teams in the elimination stage. For CS:GO it would be Clan-Mystik and in Shootmania, Against All Authority. fm TOXiC had put in plenty of work going into the game and unfortunately on the first map, it seemed to go unrewarded as they were brushed aside 16-6 on the first map. Moving into de_nuke however things were slightly different and we managed to take an 11-1 lead before Mystik picked up the remaining rounds in the half. Mystik carried on the momentum they’d gained at the end of the 1st half and picked up the pistol round before hacking away at the lead TOXiC had built up. A couple of rounds in reply weren’t enough to keep us in the game and a 16-13 loss on the 2nd map meant that it was the end of the road. The Shootmania guys had an equally tough game against the Frenchmen of aAa on home soil and were seemingly unable to hold them back as they picked up multiple attack rounds on each map. Whilst fm Shootmania gave it their all, aAa had turned up and were set on making their way to the grand final, which they did, where they came out as winners. This rounded off the event where all 3 of our teams were knocked out by the eventual tournament winners (nothing to be too ashamed of!).

Final Standings:

fm-eSports TOXiC (CS:GO) – 5th-8th
fm-eSports Shootmania – 5th-8th
fm-eSports Ladies (CS:GO) – 5th-6th

All in all it was a great event for fm-eSports, with over 20 people making the trip across to the French capital it was great to catch up with everyone and take part in one of the biggest events of the year. Many thanks to everyone that came and supported us and to all of the friends we managed to catch up with over the weekend! Up next for fm-eSports is Insomnia50 in Telford and potentially Dreamhack Winter 2013 in Sweden should the qualifiers go in our favour. You can find additional coverage from this event on our Facebook, Twitter and Gallery pages. There are also a bunch of interviews that can be found over on our Forums here!

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