The recent Gamma case brought us a range of awesome new in-game CS:GO skins, as well as some new knife finishes, all of which left us a little bit jealous of those who managed to get lucky with their […]

  Our friends over at Chillblast recently sent us one of their super-affordable entry-level gaming PCs to test. Our aim was to let them (and all of you!) know just how much value for money you’re getting from your £379.99 […]

  It’s been a quiet couple of months since the departure of our last CS:GO line-up and we’ve been waiting on the sidelines to see what opportunities present themselves to us in the form of local talent. Luckily it didn’t […]

  We got our hands on some new goodies at the recent Insomnia Gaming Festival in Birmingham from our friends at Razer and after a month or so of hands on, daily use, it’s about time we put down some […]

It’s with great pleasure that today, we announce a new sponsor in the fm-eSports ranks! One of the most annoying things for players is to be dragging their PCs up and down the country (and beyond) to events that require […]

  The ESL UK Premiership has breathed a new lease of life into the UK eSports scene and we’re proud to have competed in both seasons of both the League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (making the finals […]