After a rather messy set of games vs Infused at Epic LAN, we managed to pick up first place. Now, whilst money wise this isn’t anything major, it played an important role in our seeding for the Insomnia55 (I55) […]

  It seems like ages ago that we were last at an event but it’s good to be back in the swing of things with the start of the summer LAN season and up next is epic.FIFTEEN in the ever […]

  So I know we said that we’d be taking a look at the League of Legends scene and getting back into it when we felt the time was right but it seems that time flies and that time is […]

  Today is a sad day at fm-eSports as we say goodbye to our League of Legends team and with it, 2 long-standing members within FM itself. It’s been a fun couple of years, with both ups and downs but […]

Everyone loves a prize! That’s why we’ve decided we’re going to throw a beast of a CS:GO skin (literally) up for grabs in our latest competition.. We’ve made it easy as always, simply take a look through the methods of […]

  We said we had more to announce and more to roll out and here we go! For a long time we’ve wanted to get back to where we were originally with FM, our professional teams and players alongside community […]